Upcoming Improvements to Item Filters

schism2k10 wrote:
How about some auto pickup for currency items so I dont develop wrist issues? Auto deposit for currency items would be a great as well.

They've said many times before that they're not in favor of auto-pickup. However, if you set your item filter strictly enough, then wrist problems aren't an issue anymore since there isn't that much stuff that shines through for you to pick up.
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Loooooooooove yoooooooooou!
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I am so hyped for that, finally, I don't need three different loot filters anymore!
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There needs to be more improvements to the paid tabs. With all the regular exceptions that the currency and fragment tabs doesn’t hold, those two tabs especially feel like it’s not a complete product.
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These are the news I'm looking for. Quality of life and bug fixes! Well done. Do more of these kind of things and I will be very happy to support you again with Supporter Packs.
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We need something to edit the item filter easily , like Filtration.
And auto-sort should be good. Ex take all currencies in others tab to the currencies tab.
Having autoloot w/ a filter will be great. You've made it for Metamorph parts, why not enable it for other items.

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