3.9.2e Patch Notes


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dman too much pogs
Still no awakened blasphemy support MTX over ride. I know there is a forum with people asking for it...
You can now spawn Atlas influence in a Region that had already spawned that same influence in the previous 'cycle'.

Here's hoping.
Please remove Tane from spawning during boss fights. I'm running around trying to dodge attacks, and now I have to worry about accidentally clicking on Tane's Tower.

Tane should only appear if I summon him.
Removed the Guild Stash from Tane's Laboratory.
Pog! Hype! Nice! oh you GGG [Removed by Support]
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chaos as default is such a sick QOL change.
HUSZTixTOP wrote:
Removed the Guild Stash from Tane's Laboratory.
right? wtf is that lol
I didn't realize that you had to make sure to use different regions every time you kill Sirus.... No wonder it's been difficult to get influence at certain times.

Any other sneaky rules we should look out for?!

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