Metamorph Statistics: Challenges and Ascendancy Classes

Lower Sirus kills to 25 or make it 100 conquerors in the next league please. EGG was brutal if you didn't do Sirus carries.

40 Uber Elder in previous EGG took approximately 500 maps to complete. 75 Sirus takes over 4,000 maps to complete!

From these statistics and GGG's comments we can be assured that necro and assassin are being removed from the game for the next league. I'm glad I had my fun in Blight and Metamorph before it was too late.
Getting 36 challenges was even easier than in Legion, I've completed most of them by just playing the game.

Also no defined meta is boring, "bow league" my arse ;x
You can't even see the 40 challenges bit. I am proud of myself!
Are the challenges easier than usual or are the rewards more desirable?

I'd say this league is so much fun and people ended up playing more time and ended up doing the challanges. I usually go for 36 and this one doing 36 was super easy barely an inconvenience while min maxing my build so I went for 40.
Tbh metamorph was weak af it was missing the big daddy boss but the new end game and atlas, hot damn!
Keep up the good work GGG can't wait for POE 2.
Shagsbeard wrote:
Fix targeting.

We love playing targeted skills, but the game keeps us from enjoying them. Using the same tool (the mouse pointer) to attack and move is too much for one thing. That's why Cyclone is so popular. Move and attack in one. Winter Orb. Just move and your attack moves with you.

The reason people are playing summoners? No targeting needed.

The whole game is pretty much revolving around this issue.

It is more than just move and attack in one. The utility of cwc, fortify, other on hit effects, and they still gave it stun immunity?? It is A LOT for any other build style to overcome.
When I kill a man he stays dead.
First time i'm done 24 challenges, league is super fun, and i first time die sooo many time xD
Oh yesssss elementalist burning arrow ftw
I think the challenges this league are great, they have a good balance of fairly simple, easy to understand challenges whilst still having some that will make players tackle the hardest content there is.

I felt in some previous leagues there was too many challenges that were extremely grind heavy rather than having the challenges seem more easily reachable.
Most of the challenges could be done by yourselfes, instead of having to buy 5 or 10 in trade chat, i ve personnaly only has to buy 1/4 of one challenge this league, unlike the usual 5 to 10 in previous leagues.
I hate the lab

You should bring back HC and SC challenges with separate rewards. That was the only time I played HC as I am bad and my computer is bad causing rips but it was fun to do it after a few months in the league casually.

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