Metamorph Statistics: Challenges and Ascendancy Classes

Necro tops the list because it's fun, has good dps, good survival-ability, good build diversity allowing for several play styles, and scales well with investment.

The last point is becoming more and more important in game that combines awful trade system with rng-based time-sink of crafting system, effectively forcing to trade for high-end items unless willing to spend tons of hours, artificially holding back progress while also engaging heavily in crafting (which is just one of game sub-systems to engage with and should not feel like a must).

Necro requires less than 1ex to map well into yellows and about 5ex to try end-game content (~10ex to do it comfortably). Most desirable items are uniques - way more accessible than crafted gear.

In other words, necro is what every class in this game should be.
Honestly it's a bummer to play dozens of hours and not reach even the first challenge reward - guess the low numbers aren't a surprise. I'd love to see this adjust - making the first reward more approachable.
No need to actually nerf necro. Just make sure that if you keep adding rip-er content you also balance the tree/classes to be able to take a shot at that content. I started this league with an assassin and after sirius was down I changed to guardian zombie just because i started to hate getting 1 shotted on a hybrid 8k effective hp with max resistance to all including poison (golden rule). If i did not go hybrid i had la 6k life. but going hybrid with soul tether, I had 4.5hp at the start of combat so if I made 1 mistake during sirius fight, re-entering the combat was a nightmare ...

What I'm trying to say is that the balance is not in damage numbers, is in the fact that few classes can take on all the content without randomly getting 1 shot. While armour clases have a new tool in molten shell hybrid or evasion classes relay on high ehp and since the evasion clases have a hard time getting high life pool because of lack of strength attribute and good life nodes, only some builds from this clases make the cut in a league as dangerous as this one with metamorphs and a ton of new sources of chaos damage.
Necro is top because they summon giant walking 50,000hp taunt totems that shred bosses to pieces. Necro is top because this is a boss-killer league... Duh. But I wouldn't nerf necro just because people used common sense and went with the safest way to deal high single-target damage. In blight I wouldn't of nerfed necro just because it's the only class capable of huge damage coverage with little compromised safety.

Maybe next league buff bows with some REAL ACTUAL buffs, and tell the berserkers to stop hurting themselves in their ascendancy classes. Also apply map modifiers to minions, since that would make sense in the first place. (minions affected by map curses, reduced recovery, etc.)

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