Metamorph Statistics: Challenges and Ascendancy Classes

GGG do not know how to balance their Ascendancy it only listens to testers and streams
I honestly felt like hitting 24 challenges was pretty faceroll this League so why is the total people getting this only 5.8%? Just playing the League casually should easily get you to 24%.
IGN: Dundada
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Why are so many people playing Unascended Classes? Is there some new Meta I am unaware of?

IGN: Dundada
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lobodoagreste wrote:

if this is not a sign that this ancendancy needs a nerf, I don't know what it is ...

Dude, you don't have a Necro. Maybe you do on another account, but building an endgame viable Necro isn't that easy. It's easier than most of the other ascendancies, just because they have been gutted to the point of absurdity.

Many of us here are getting fed up with the excessive nerfs.
Hirux wrote:
Just get rid of necros... 0 currency needed to clear everything easily. Destroy necro abusers

Yet another non-necro playing basher.

Build one and find out how much it takes to make a end game viable necro. Please, for the sake of the game, shut up.
I was thinking about this and for me with my current skills challenges are waste of my time (It's too hard maybe after 6th challenge, because it require knowledge of end game).

Good thing this is the first time I finished the game (80h playtime from December):) Just out of curiosity I was checking Steam achievements and found out I tried this game first time 6 year ago and played maybe 3-5 hours. later 3 years ago second time probably 10h. And then last year maybe managed to go to ACT IV. After seeing videos from POE 2 i given It a another shot.

But i have different play style than HC player, because I was checking every corner of map listening to all conversations an reading all lore pieces along the maps. My Build is far form optimum and just learning the basics.

I think that would be nice if challenges would be designed for all, beginners would get at-least some useless loot. Currently I don't have motivation to continue to play after session ends or start new league.

Just my 5 cents at the end, for players that play solo I don't see why should I invest in cosmetics micros transaction. I like how warframe do it, you stat the game just on login screen you can see your last used modified epic character, when on select character character screen I would like to see my character with all gear and cosmetics and maybe just ghost for starting new one. I also liked time tracking stats per character that was in Diablo 3,....

The rewards are indeed better. The rewards should be something that suits most builds in terms of mtx, or something really cool like the metamorph portal - which should be saved as a last reward at 36 challenges. Judging from my own experience, I rarely bother finishing past 24 if I don't see the awesomeness in the last reward.
the challenges are not easier than usual.. they are as irritatingly obnoxious as always and the portal effect this league is especially ugly

however, the completely new atlas is making people play more.. despite some glaring issues that needs to be fixed for upcoming leagues
mostly harmless
Thomasmgp wrote:
Why are so many people playing Unascended Classes? Is there some new Meta I am unaware of?

Most of these Unascended Classes are trading/scamming bots, some might be mules.
Trading bots have taken over POE closely followed by scammers

Kinda embarrassing GGG actually released that data for everyone to see
Show us challenges on HC and SC!
Maybe someone from GGG can start play on HC to stop doing challenges for lucky no-life SCrers!!!!
Give me challenges from breach league, where have mortals some chance omfg!

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