Metamorph Statistics: Challenges and Ascendancy Classes

chij72 wrote:
curious, how many of those non-ascended players are bots? do u have some approximate percentage?

asking the REAL QUESTIONS!
Challenge were easier, I'm at 14 and I havent even tried to complete them.

As for the stats.... BORING, nothing changed since a week in the league lmao.
SerChivalry wrote:
Its the bow league you guys.

Biggest laugh of the league :)
More necro nerfs incoming for next patch.
l1mbomon wrote:
More necro nerfs incoming for next patch.

100% rightly. If they don't drastically cut the power to them in some way, then it's going to be another minnion league 3.9.1
In short you should nerf Necro or buff everything else
Shit im in the 0,5% player
bad news
1.32% of players have completed 36 challenges and earned the Metamorph Portal Effect.

Last league where you could easly get first 12 challenges was Abyss.
Basically after doing Kitava.
Each league after expected you to do at least some stuff in maps to get the first 12.

It was at the time (3.1) when they introduced Shaper & Elder influence.

The same could be said for this Metamorph leage to some extent.

Is not like you can get the first MTX anymore after completing the story but the early map challenges are easy enough and basically the same tutorial like Abyss back in dec 2017.
fizo1 wrote:
In short you should nerf Necro or buff everything else

For the sake of the game I'd really like them to buff/rework everything else. Because it is not surprising necromancer is the most popular archetype : most of the other archetype skills seems very underwhelming compared to minion spells (that are amazing).

Vaal summon skeleton summons a litteral army, that may be one of the most fun skill in the game. You can turn your skeletons into mages with a jewel, with specters you can have either melee, ranged or utility specters, etc

Overal, it feels necromancer is leagues above most of the other ascendencies in term of how well designed the skills are. But it s mostly because most other skills feel underwhelming?

The other skills that also feels good are bow skills.
Just get rid of necros... 0 currency needed to clear everything easily. Destroy necro abusers

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