3.9.2c Patch Notes

Is there any chance that you fix the guild stash problem before the weekend?

Please don't make us wait as long as you did with the map stash problems... :/
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I freeze lik enever before with this update and it depends on the map....
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Kieren_GGG wrote:
Maps now display their Atlas Region by default

I think maps stash tab also should display Atlas Region of its sub-tabs same way as maps do now. For example, when i mouse over sub-tab T15 "Shore Map" it also should display "Atlas Region: Glennach Cairns" under "Map Tier: 15".

This. What a unintuitive way to implement the function - you have to enter the region in the search field instead of just hovering over the minitabs. And the search field ist empty again after running a map.

Or you can click every sub-tab and then hover over a map inside it to find the correct region ... not quite usable 8-)

[edit] 1st version was a bit harsh. Sorry.

[edit2] and it would be nice if you could find maps influenced by elder or shaper via the search field.
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Patch has made the game unplayable. Freezing for 2-5 seconds every 30 seconds whereas this has never happened before.
Great patch, lots of good fixes and features (although many of them should have been there from the start, but let us not split hairs). I haven't had the performance issues many others mention either.

However, there are still some bugs lingering. Here is a screenshot of 2 of them:


Bug 1:
Uncompletable zana mission (find the map item). 1 monster remaining, but it is not on the map. Also broke all breakables and turned all stones etc just to see if that was what prevented completion. Metamorph has also been killed (no missing organs).

Bug 2:
If you look at my life in the bottom left, it is not full. You can also see a flask charge is missing from the life flask in slot 1. I tapped it just before taking the screenshot. In other words my max life is less than it should be at the time of the screenshot. It is easily fixable by unequipping and reequipping f ex my belt. This bug is most likely due to baron/sanctuary stuff, and it has already been reported many times.


Another bug (not in screenshot), is that a complete organ list is not always enough to fill Tanes vial (make it pulsate and and ensure an organ drop). This is not directly an issue in general, however, it is somewhat of a problem on those maps linked to metamorph challenges requiring 5 different organs from the same map boss.

In my opinion, it is somewhat silly that the vial has to be full to ensure an organ drop in the first place, as this counteracts the balance of choice and rewards mechanic it otherwise has.
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Game crashed today more than in whole league
GGG Thanks for all these patches, i know there is a lot of work you've done but,
game is still crashing a lot.
It's because of memory leak i guess.
Most crashes are happening when too much mess on the screen like Legion, Blighted map, Double beyond map or 5 way emblem fight and so on...

And i am playing solo mostly. In 6 ppls party insta crash after 2-3 mobs packs. Those all content i have to skip since 3.9 update, kinda sad.

Also i cant using sextants because they are increasing my crash chances too.

Before 3.9 update game didnt crash at all, it works verry well even on fully juiced maps. (4 sext, 4 scarabs, double beyond, influence, legion and stuff).

Any of you Exiles have same issue?
Please tell me you do, so they might increase the priority of fixing that issue.

*(and yeah, i muted volumes in files, cleared the "Minimap" and "ShaderCacheD3D11" folder and so on, didnt help).

Please fix, thanks!

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Fleche wrote:
Don't know if it's just me, but can't place or take out items from Guild Tab although I'm leader.

Same here.

I know guilds are an afterthought but this really ought to be on the priority list for fixing, it's not as though we have much other functionality.
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Really like the new improvements. Would like to see the Map stash tab in regions instead of just Tiers as others has mentioned as well.

I am also experiencing the Guild Stash tab issue where I can not put items into the stash tab.

Was happy to see the region that had a conqueror in it spawn to do her taunts the two more times quickly after the patch. Where as before, I had completed 20-30 maps with no taunting. However, now I seem to not be able to spawn more conquerors. Completed 30-40 maps with no sign of one so far.

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