3.9.2c Patch Notes

A lot easier for all of us.
Much needed QOL

Better late than never
THX !!!
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
Because I finished my 40/40 the last 4 leagues within the first 4-5 weeks, I am. constantly playing an alpha I realy have to overthink my priorities and no longer base my vacation planing on a start of league.

Great chances btw. You were really busy. Thank you.
"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried." - Stephen McCranie
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Sorbetero wrote:
encountered a metamorp, couldn't even make a scratch.

They're composed by your hand, if you can't out-dps triple regen, don't pick it. If you pick a lot of juicy stuff the boss is going to have a lot of juicy life, especially in maps where your dmg gets nerfed already.

You can see which abilities, extra modifiers, and bonus dmg/life/quant the boss will have before you spawn it, so you must balance risk vs reward and sometimes you underestimate it and take a little too much risk which is, in my opinion, the whole fun of metamorphs.
i am very glad to hear that you guys are making it easier to see what maps have influence and completion etc :D i have been wanting and asking for that since day 2 of Metamorph XD
Map QoL additions will be very nice!
oriath gangster, drama alert guild leader.
Yes, fixes for my stuck Atlas.
so....the test team has finaly finished their "1000 hours" run....hahahahahaha !!!!!
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