3.9.2c Patch Notes

for anyone wondering why after you click Alt, no bonus info is displayed on the map, you need to go to Options -> UI -> Advanced Mod Descriptions and enable it.
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Very awesome QoL patch. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Recommend you update the forums to include a "like" button or upvote/downvote so people can give quick feedback more easily.
Shade_RU_N53 wrote:
Here we go, forth week of the league. You still don't think that 3-month release cycle is way too fast for your abilities, GGG? Seriously, all this should not have been a thing people had to see at all.

Actually, it's been just shy of SIX weeks. (Metamorph Launched Dec-13)

In other words, it took until the league was about half over for us to get this list of much-needed QoL/functionality that would've been glaringly obvious had the content been play-tested properly before release.

And yeah, the 3-month cycle with content this ambitious is going to be the death of GGG/PoE. GGG leadership is demanding too much, of too few people with too little experience and given too little time.

The programmers and artists working on the game are doing their best, but the decisions coming from the helm are not helping them out at all.
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Clicked "go to character select screen", game crashed.
Happened three times (pretty much every time I did it)
Was playing with my bro, same thing happened to him every time he clicked to go back to character select screen...

Sarcasm part- awesome bug fixing dudes!

Non sarcasm part-
well, good job on the map QoL, very appreciated. Great addition.

So yeah, as long as I can log in again after each crash I'm good, lol, but please fix.
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Thanks, much needed QoL for the new Atlas! I love it :)
Please, after patch the mouse don't work for movement, only menus and to walk to stash,npcs, please fix it, solved
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Thank you for this, now I can ditch this notebook with all the maps zones I've been using.

Great improvements.
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My beloved pets....

Good Stuff, thanks GGG.
I can't place or take items from the guild stash anymore and the ame crashed to desktop twice already since the patch.

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