3.9.2c Patch Notes

Thanks for the hard work realy enjoying your game :)
is it possible to edit the map tab to reflect regions instead? If you are really going to stick with this spawning atlas or whatever, can you at least consider QOL on differentiating maps that belong to whatever region. Thanks!
3.9 Metamorph League SC CARRY Thread:
It's yet again, too little too late for YET ANOTHER LEAGUE.

IF there were some incentives to bother playing Standard (instead of constant atlas resets etc) then I could understand the bogus reasoning that each League is merely testing for adding content to the "main" game - standard.

However, the reality is that the "main" game is Leagues. Yet every League, the actual "almost finished/fixed" playable version of that league is getting later and later. Instead we end up with 6+ weeks of playing half finished, buggy, sometimes inexplicable content. That in itself would be terrible enough, but the constant "balancing" fiddling every single league makes even doing that consistently with a CHOICE of build almost impossible. Instead we're also forced into Metas to compete with higher tier content, most of which is buggy or broken.

Sorry, but this simply isn't sustainable. If you guys want to keep milking sheckles by selling supporter packs etc etc, the game needs stepping up considerably. Sooner or later you're going to run out of players, with this non existent ongoing QC/QA. You got a lot of players migrating in from D3 (so we're told) but the pool of potential new players is not limitless, and the rate at which you're dropping players now will soon overtake the incoming unless you drastically tighten up your quality control.

Just a couple of time worn suggestions:-

1. Instead of short term gain (maybe to satisfy new Chinese Overlords?) push back the league release schedule. Use that extra couple of weeks to have the prospective league PROPERLY stress tested by PROPER objective players (not fanbois, or fiscally invested players)

2. Stop constantly relying on RNG for absolutely everything. It's bloody ridiculous the amount of gated RNG we have now. Sure, some RNG is fine, but almost everything new now is RNG controlled - it's just bloody lazy!

3. Stop constantly introducing more and more "one shot" mechanics. Again, it's sheer laziness. If you're that worried about power creep, then do some proper balancing, not merely nerf everything that gets popular. When you do these "adjustments", try and bear in mind that we're not all streamers who do bugger all apart from play PoE. Some of us play this for "fun" as well. We don;t all have in game budgets of 50EX...

4. Bring back the thing that I originally loved about this game - CHOICE. You used to be able to choose your build and still be relatively competitive. It was one of the things that drew me personally to PoE in the first place. There were considerably less Metas back then. Let us CHOOSE what we do at End Game. This current atlas debacle has totally stripped us of CHOICE. The way this is going it won't be long before we have fixed classes with fixed equipment and a fixed storyline all the way to end game with no paths for us to choose. The game is called PATH of Exile, let us go back to actually choosing a path.

I was super hyped and full of renewed optimism after all I watched from ExileCon. I thought there was a vision. Sadly, all I feel now is once again duped and misled. It seems as though it was all glossy smoke & mirrors and nothing more than a gigiantic PR stunt. I do not expect I am the only one either. I don't like the "path" the game has been taking the last few leagues, it seems to go against everything I thought it originally stood for.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG
Wow, league is at the end and they finally dropped stuff that must be from the day 1.
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Solid QoL changes here.
These are some nice fixes. Thanks. Also, welcome back, Bex!
No use for me. League is done for me already started selling my gear.
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DGG95 wrote:
I like to call these patches 3.9.Idontplayanymore, but fixes seems decent.
See You in 3.10

3.10 = 3.1
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
I'm happy to see these changes, thanks.
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These are really nice changes. It brings the new atlas from poopy garbage to halfway decent. Definitely a good sign that we'll get to a good state in 3.10.

The new ability to block 3 undesired sextant modifiers is no doubt why they're adding new affixes to the pool. Time will tell whether this is good for players or not. Personally I would like to see the beyond sextant be more common since it allows for wacky fun but I understand why they would want to limit it.

I would like to second the notion that maps be primarily sorted by REGION first, then level. Or give the player the option to choose which way they'd like to see it. Or have the option to select a region and pluck out a bunch of maps from that region without moving from tab to tab. The map tab needs to be more functional than a quad tab or what's the point of it even existing?

I would also like to ask that watchstones be made far easier to click when applying sextants. Even when zoomed in it's obnoxious. Maybe the watchstone box could "pop out" when you hover over it? Or when applying sextants the click area becomes larger?

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