What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Four

You guys definitely need to take a more detailed look at the damage output of certain enemies esp when combined with numerous map mods. It kinda breaks pretty quickly.

I'm oddly not talking about Metamorphs though the difference from inside the Lab and on a Corrupted + Sextant map is kinda comical. It's more things like Beyond Bosses.

Overall I would say enemy damage output is a bit too high which is giving passive degen / DoT based builds considerably more advantage than they should since players are moving to avoid damage more and enemy regen can often be quite obscene. Front-loaded damage is at a pretty big disadvantage.
No mention of Sirus fight issues? This is literally insulting.
Something about spontaneous crashes on entering hideouts/cities? Maybe some fix for vaal side areas entrances that is not working at all? Or you eventually have an answer about game's 12Gb RAM consumption? No? Ok, thank you
finally fix this shit !!!!
How about fixing the damn meta ? Remove the element resist from every boss so we can play more than 4 builds . This is outrageous . You literary have to play 4-5 builds or you cannot do higher maps than Tier 12 bosses + metamorphs.

Shaper and uber elder with an elemental build without going 30ex invesment its a suicide joke.

if you dont want players to quit faster than the blight league fix the damn resist so people can have fun with any elemental skill without forcing them to play a meta garbage build . Ty ( i know im a filthy burnout summoner ) KEKW
Legion general crash fix inc?

<insert crab dance meme>
No mention of Sirus fight issues? This is literally insulting.
Multiple people in guild have repeatedly had the same bug, making it impossible to complete.

Multiple threads in bug reports, Sirus won't land. The big red "safety circle" spawn but he stays up, occasionally firing something from above. Early I assumed it was another bug related to stairs, but it can happen far to the right of arena/stairs. The endgame boss commonly bugs out and becomes unkillable. This should be priority.
how about map stashtab at standard?
Can't wait for another great year playing POE!
Keep it up GGG.
No mention of freeze not working for Metamorph? You know, an important game mechanic? Imagine if you couldn't curse or crit Metamorphs for 3 weeks, that's how dumb it is.

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