What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Four

Thanks GGG!
EdgaJudo wrote:
"Releasing Legion Generals during Legion encounters can cause a client crash."

'can" hehheheh

literally 100% guaranteed crash.

I killed multiple legion generals before I had any crash, and killed several since that one and only crash.
Alot of other people are stating the same - it's certainly not a guaranteed crash among the general playerbase.
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almost 4 weeks from bug introduction to a potential fix.
What about the FPS being crap?
Typing to this chat without 30+ challenges, yikes!
Nice but i already finished 40/40 now and burnt of poe :( every league the big patch is as i quit :(
NightLander1 wrote:
Typing to this chat without 30+ challenges, yikes!

I bet you're fun at parties but yea would totally have more challenges if the game was playable for me.

Please fix the Windows 7 memory leak.
Thanks. Much needed updates.
IGN: Jerle_Farmer
only the fourth week? i hope next league rolls around soon.

TreeOfDead wrote:
pls fix memory leak on win 7

nah, they'll update the minimum system requirements to win10.
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