What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Four

I am just SO GLAD I held off buying a supporter pack until alpha testing the season, so glad......

4 weeks of game ruining bugs
Another game ruining exploit that gets fixed ONLY after a select few get to exploit the hell out, while the rest of us do not get a chance to make our own game ruining items too

The state of the game is such a joke, you can't seriously expect it to grow, you can't attract any new players with this level.......... of service.

Oh, and next season, when i am thinking of possibly buying a supporter pack again, i'll remember my standard map tab being bricked for a month and i couldn't play and then i'll decide if i am buying (spoiler alert, i'm not).
i hope you fix the huge problems that even playing with ssd has a long loading time of things
Hopefully the Baran challenge bug will be fixed, as a challenge hunter it drives me crazy.
keep up the good work!
Woooot finally
Ah the good old 100 word response to 4 weeks of bad product and bugs. Glad as a service company your holidays were so enjoyable, your product certainly wasn't.

nothing regarding conqueror garbage taunt?

no fixes on hunter challenge either?

might just keep posting microtransactions..
Turning players into payers.

The same people laughing at the dead horse for W3 reforged mysteriously ignores that every new league TGGG releases is a W3 reforged.

Looks like future leagues may be designed around creating more stash tabs for the sheeps to buy.. "greatest gaming company" btw.
My concern is the shaper maps locking the map stash tab and preventing me from updating it, even tho I already removed them and vendored them.

Will this be fixed with this update?
Any hope on fixing memory leak on BOTH, windows 7 and windows 10?

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