[3.11 ready] NKO's Saviour Champion Cyclone/lacerate 14m+ shaper dps [Videos][All content]

got sick lethal pride now :DD
-10% fortify effect, 30% melee crit chance, 60% melee damage, 20% totem damage and 32 Str

- https://streamable.com/1xcil
The Savior is an 20 exalted item, quite expensive build...
@BlumentopfDE well yes, thats told in first words of the topic but with this gear u can do this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r0kaNKmPyk&feature=youtu.be
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Is the crit chance on the chest piece necessary for smooth gameplay? I had a good astral plate without it and was thinking about using that.

@sergets135 its just fine
Did this build with about 100ex and have to say that the damage is just insane. Last phase of Sirus with awakener lvl 8 took like 5 seconds... He didn't even manage to cast that spinning shitstorm before he died.

Anyone who has the money: try this!

ps. Uber Elder is complete joke....
To get the same effects out of Lethal Pride, you need to buy the exact kind that op has in the streamable. You need to get a Lethal Pride with 12735, no more no less. Otherwise the effects on the tree will be different.
@Darkangl that jewel is just total min maxing, i was killing all content in few seconds without even using it.
Hello guys, i tried this on my champion char with pretty much the same gear posted here and it does some crazy dps, but then i thought, what the hell, i have a lvl 93 berserker (flawless savagery/war bringer/pain reaver/aspect of carnage) and well - guess what - some dps.

so aside from the survivebility, do you think the loss of the impale ascendancy from champion is countered by berserkers massiv dps invrease (aspect of carnage)?

according to pob the dps per slash alomst doubles, but there is ofc not impale calc included


its about a third pob dps more - and you are really fast with a lil more live, but the loss in defense doesnt seem worth it.

what do you think?
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@derzornige clip u killing sirus last phase awaken lvl 8 in 4 sec and ill giveu my (y). everyone here know berserker is just insane when u get ur charges up but when u lose it, ur kinda useless without defences. gl with that char

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