[3.11 ready] NKO's Saviour Champion Cyclone/lacerate 14m+ shaper dps [Videos][All content]

Whats the ascendancy order?
Great build, kinda expensive, but not that expensive. Melts bosses!
@menteto well ya if u have extra 50-80 ex feel free to try it
update : lacerate doing workss
Will this only work on champion? What about scion or slayer?

Lacerate only for mapping? Bladestorm for boss?

Will a 500 dps foil better than the paradoxia?
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@MochaButt i can work with other classes also but +2 impale and taunted enemies cant dodge ur attacks means that u dont need to worry about accuracy. also fortify buffs and armor u get from champion is insane. havent tried the foil yet. But yea +2 impale from champion and +2 from jewel means u have 9 impales which is 6 to 12 phys damage to attacks per one impale so quick 6 x 9 and 12 x 9 = 54 to 106 phys damage to attacks from 1 ascendancy
Only reason I said scion because I got a wild strike scion struggling endgame. Mostly t15+ boss and red map metamorph. I was hoping zerker/champion will work with this build. Just swap a few pts on the tree and sell couple piece +fire dmg gears.

Also what about running herald of ash for mapping pop? I think lacerate mapping doesn’t clear fast enough
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@MochaButt i made clear video with both skills u can check it out
this build is insanely fun

i quickly put the gear together, ran lacerate on a 5l with no other skills and cleared a map in like 1.5 minutes

i still need to respec some ascendancy points around as well :)

:))) good to hear bro, keep it up and if u can take clips doing content would be awesome to see :)

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