[3.11 ready] NKO's Saviour Champion Cyclone/lacerate 14m+ shaper dps [Videos][All content]

Currently playing the build with bladestorm and its pretty funny

My current gear , i love playing with the explode on chest


@AkiLexz that explode chest is mvp :)
Hows para sword compared to a pdps 430 foil?
@Vakarlanit should work just fine
its pretty much lacerate for me atm
hi, I got a few questions:
dps is insane but can we balance between dmg and def?
Can we use soul tether for leech?
I'm tired of getting died again and again :<
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Solid build 10/10 abit expensive but if you want cheap options just get 2 ichimonji and that is ok too. if u have saviour just wear sunglasses and grind like hell :D
ty xD
build is squishier than the video/gif suggests
or am I doing something wrong?

please help, profile is public
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@HanGtimE ok so.. 1. You dont have jewels in 2 socket in ur tree. 2. ur going for 100 eva bases when u should be stacking armor and getting few armor nodes.
3. damage is best defence, ur missing few major things like (watchers jewel, bottled faith) (my physical damage reduction is 50% when i dont even have flasks / forti buffs up)
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