What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Two

Honestly, I'm glad the Win 7 problem is in the looks.

Hope it gets fixed soon, thx for the info.
It's not just eyes. Lungs and livers barely drop aswell. You promised an "even distribution" of organs in the Friday patch, should probably work towards that.
[Last Boss Spoiler Ahead]

I challenged myself to play melee ssf softcore this league. I got to Sirus, I tried him 3 times. 90% of my deaths are due to those storms simply blotting out the whole fight arena, blocking the entrance, or just obscuring everything.

The boss itself looks good and I want to be able to fight him. Currently, I can't. You designed it this way so that as a melee character, without enough dps to skip phases, I simply can't access those boss mechanics which I should be handling or dodging.

Please remove the storms. That's not fun. That's not difficult. That's just rushed design. Having a limited fighting arena is fine, but you already have that, there are plenty of strong, difficult mechanics that I have to keep an eye for during that fight, but having to wait, kite storms around? As a melee character? No. The boss is not "overtuned", it's the storm mechanic itself that's flawed.

I want to play the wonderful and challenging content you have created. Please let me. Let us, I know I'm not the only one with this mindset.
Any plans regarding the fact that you currently can very easily brick your entire atlas, thereby pretty much ruining the entire league?
"Die" - Sun Tsu
"Not enough eyes are dropping in the Metamorph encounters"
Sirus' storm can sometimes appear at the entrance of Oriath.

Easy fix, just turn off the storms ;)
Sounds nice!
but what about livers too? FeelsBadMan
Don't forget the Livers too.
HUGE THANK YOU to the devs hard at work around Christmas. Please fix this leak, I really need poe in my life right now. My life is sad enough as is

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