What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Two

Natalia_GGG wrote:
We're also continuing to review your feedback regarding the Sirus fight and will be making necessary improvements where possible.

Yes, we are the QA. Thank you for the acknowledgement!
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How about LIVERS?!

How is it even remotedly intended for as LEAGUE MECHANIC to be so fucking rare that I only managed to have ONE Metamoprh fight in Tanes lab?!

You are joking right? Is this a league mechanic or am I confused?

Do you want this mechanic to be frequent or not? Make up your mind GGG.

This release has been a huge clusterfuck so far.
Livers are too rare too. Also Volatile Dead is bugged, but I'm sure you know that and are working hard on fixing it too and just didn't say.
No fun allowed.™
Thanks for the update!
these changes are awesome, can't wait for more eyes to be dropping.

In my own testing its not just eyes it is also Livers.
Fix the visual bug where certain changes in environment are not shown on-screen but happen.

I.E.: Abyss area walls collapsing and opening paths when it doesn't visually show the change, yet the player can still run through the created path (visually it looks like the player runs through the wall that was formerly there).
Pls make more eyes drop just to compensate for the insane amount of other organs that some of us have now. Otherwise, thank you for an awesome league!
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GPU at 85% usage doing nothing
fix when ?
Fix the Sirus fight!

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