The second week of the Metamorph League has begun. It's also the start of the holiday period at Grinding Gear Games and many of our developers are finally getting some rest and relaxation after an incredibly busy year. This week is also one of the busiest weeks for gaming in the year, so some of our developers have staggered their holidays until later so that they can be around to maintain Path of Exile while their colleagues take some time off. In this post we'd like to outline our plans for the remaining weeks of this year.

Here is a list of high-priority issues that we're working on at the moment and are keen to fix as soon as possible:
  • Not enough eyes are dropping in the Metamorph encounters.
  • On Windows 7, the game consumes too much memory.
  • Non-boss unique monsters in maps are able to drop Metamorph organs.
  • Sirus' storm can sometimes appear at the entrance of Oriath.
  • Metamorph bosses can't be frozen.
  • Various rare instance and client crashes.

You can find the rest of the known issues here. We're also continuing to review your feedback regarding the Sirus fight and will be making necessary improvements where possible.

Thank you for your continued feedback!
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