What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Two

Not having enough eyes and lungs really hurts the league mechanism....
Guys can u add to map tab to show with map is influence with conqueror like old maps show with map is shaped or elder?
voidcloak wrote:
Any plans regarding the fact that you currently can very easily brick your entire atlas, thereby pretty much ruining the entire league?

Could you elaborate on this? I have no idea about this risk of bricking, and I'm sure other people would appreciate this if they haven't screwed themselves yet.
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

Betrayal was the best league we had since Legacy. The reward agency is something this game needs, and will be sorely missed.
Thanks GGG, the eye drops really need to be buffed
The Awakener fight is just a piece of sh*t, it wastes half of the portals just to get back to the fight everytime, like who thinks it's fun to design like that
yea, what about it
new guardians take forever to spawn in maps, like 30 maps each it takes me around 7 hours to spawn the endgame boss and die to tornados
It's not only eyes that are too rare. Livers are also extremely rare. Even rarer than eyes for me.
Will there be a fix for having to grind fucking dozens of maps just to get one set of Awakener portals? RNG gated content is mega bullshit and extremely demotivating.
This season sucks, eyes and livers not dropping, so many glitches, so much lag, so many crashes.

I can't even go back to standard as my paid for map tab is still frakked.

Le t me know when we're in Beta, i'm off to play something else.

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