What We're Working On - Metamorph Week Two

One Zana mission on mapping and I have to close the game. I don't know why I keep playing...
Xystre wrote:
There's also NO mention of the MESS of the downgraded new atlas system and maps.. but why?
Also look at broken watchstone progession.
Respect for the voluntary staff. Enjoy your vacation peeps.
chaotic neutral
Twas well into Metamorph, and all through my stash,
Nothing was moving, not a step or a flash.
My map tab was bricked, and my maps throttled too,
Even my Blight and Guardians rendered to goo.
When up on the forums their unleashed a clatter,
I sprung from reddit to see what was the matter.
Lo and behold, I saw this dev thread,
I clicked on the link, and quickly I read.
The words i consumed, and quickly I knew,
Nothing was done, for me or you.
Maps still destroyed, and tab still a mess,
I choked on my sadness and growing distress!
Surely Kris Krillson will save Christmas too,
For if he does not, we shall surely be blue!
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You'll ever fixing chain hook instance crashing?

Have a good Christmas/new year break
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Thx for the update!!! ^.^
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE
My issues with the atlas, taken from another thread:
There is a much bigger issue with this atlas: Maps do not show up in the atlas AT ALL. Without enough stones somewhere, you can not even find most maps, not even with search or highlighting a map with mouse hover. In these cases I have to move stones around from/to every damn map zone just to find it.

On the other idea posted in this thread, breaking up the map tab into zones does not really work either. As the same maps have different levels with a different amount of stones. Meaning we still wouldn't know if a map would fit the current amount of socketed stones in a zone levelwise.

Another thing: This atlas does also not show which higher tier maps are connected and might drop. As in alot of cases this is only shown by socketing more watchstones. We can't see the higher layer, as we could with the old atlas. It feels like we have to see in 3d what is not there yet. Yet again, causing us to move stones over and over from zone to zone.
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the moment u download patch, log in and...

still cant play:)))
You don't need to fix the game on Windows 7, it is end-of-life and will go totally out of support in January of 2020, so rejoice! No need to support a dead OS!

I work in IT, and I am so looking forward to blissfully saying "You -must- replace that computer, or upgrade it if its hardware can handle Windows 10, because we NO LONGER SUPPORT WINDOWS 7!" It's going to be... amazing.

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