New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

Kurnis wrote:
Only the $480 one has a portal??


Are you as annoyed as I am that they made a poison + snaked themed armor set but the portal that would have gone with it is already in game... but RED!?!?!
I can't stop supporting, please send help!
Finally some more green MTXs!!!! :D Thank you GGG!
Please, GGG, include another way to get ascendancy points. We have optional dailies now, optional lab next? ^^
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Since the last Core pack had hoodies I was so hyped for something new or even just a new design... And what we got was a meh sets with a gamebook (which should be sold seperatly since I can already see when someone complains about 160$+ pack you will just be like gamebook is worth that much) PS no it isn't there are a lot of gamebooks that are good and cheap(most good ones are 20$+) so this is in no way a good value.

And I cant believe you removed Tshirts from core packs...
Saving every $ you can I guess
60$ core pack is the only decent looking out of all of them
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Thank you, GGG! Love you, guys!
I like the first one, the second is a bit too similar to the tier 1 & 3 of the previous pack, the third is too similar to the sanctum supporter pack, 4 look meh, 5 is okay but I'm not putting that kind of money into MTX. So I'll probably just buy Basilisk latter this year, good for my wallet I guess.
Fix the shit that the game actually is.

This is the first time i regret supporting you. Bought the Emyprean Supporter right before Conquerors of the Atlas. And now this game is nearly unplayable.

This sucks.
First Mirror of Kalandra drop 8 hours into Bestiary League. RNG is RNG.
This just be the first time I skip core packs since... well, many years.

Maybe the Basilisk design but that green crap, ugh, no thanks. Crusader is just an inferior copy of the Pitfighter. Eyrie is an inferior version of the current league Sanctum pack. Judicator is complete garbage, don't know how this design was approved at all, let alone for $240, that's just laughable. And Orion is... how should I put it - you took a transformer, a warframe and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, sliced them into tiny pieces, put them in one big box, closed the box, shook it hard for 10 mins, then dumped all the pieces on the table and voila - a $480 chaotic mess of broken bits and pieces with some shiny lights. Compared to the quality of the previous core packs and especially last year's, these are just bad, really, really bad.

I'm also not impressed that I still haven't received my hoodie from the Crucible pack but that's a story for another time.
No wings or portals.

Others have pointed out that previous core packs age better than what we have now.

As much as I like having extra points and supporting GGG. I'm disappointed with the core packs this time around.
I am wet!
These are soooo good! Thank you to whoever took their part in creating these.
Please make sure that your artstyle and creativity stays at ggg :D I want more of this - also I might need more spending money
Muuuuuuum?! dammit.

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