New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

i cant say i like the apparition trend... but these are some nice looking packs
"you still play traps? traps are so 3.3"
LosKilleros wrote:
Why no wings on any of them? kind of a shame.. 60 bucks is like an entire game and you can't even give us matching wings instead of that dumb 2 sec effect. :((((

I kinda think the stands (that's what I call em' anyway) are actually the right way, for two reasons -

1) There's a lot of wings in the game already, many of them cool-looking, so it's kinda hard to stand out with them. The stands otoh are far more limited and typically only tied to supporter packs, so they allow you to be more distinct among the mtx smorgasboard other players will be wearing.

2) As we just saw with that downward pointing thumb apparition, stands can be virtually anything, which gives them far more creative freedom when designing them. Wings however, well, still need to look at least vaguely like wings.

The stand animation may only last a couple seconds, but it comes out often enough that you - and others - will definitely get to admire it as much as you want. :)
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
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Thats their xmas bonus!
Can I upgrade from $30 League support pack to $60 Core Support pack? If I buy Sanctum for $30, can I upgrade it (add $30) to get Basilisk?
Awsome core supporter Pack!
Love the design of bassilsk and crusader pack!!
Good job GGG!!

Despite the design being way more better now, I'm torn for the core supporter not having the T-shirt and Hoodie anymore since i wasn't able to reach them in previous goal.

will MTX carry over to PoE2?
Atziri is my Waifu :)
no wings and no clock,only one portal for $480
a little stingy compared with the previous core packs
Orion very nice but 411€...
I will go with crusader as the best value and quality. Thanks GGG.
Judicator are you for real? 211€ for this? not even a portal/ back attachment, also take out apparitions and put something else. IMHO
Honestly, these aren't as good as the previous ones imo.
wad happens to the old core supporter?? We cant get it anymore?? i was about to upgrade to get the hoodie next month now it's gone?? No warning nth?? It feels like i just got a slap after spending so much.... you guys are too damm awesome...

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