New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

Huh. I have to say I'm not really excited about any of these. Maybe, maybe the Basilisk, but even that's a stretch.

I think my biggest problem has to be all the apparition effects. In my opinion, they're the single most annoying class of microtransaction the game has to offer... so including an apparition in each and every one of the new Core supporter packs, to me, is a bit like a diner that serves every dish with a healthy glob of spit on it.

But that's just one man's opinion.

I also notice the only portal effect being offered is on the highest tier of Core supporter pack. Seems a bit mean to me, especially in light of what all was offered with the prior batch of Core packs. It just doesn't feel like the same level of value as offered in the prior sets. Frankly, the best things about these packs are the second helmets, especially for the Eyrie pack... but that price is a bit dear for just a helmet.

I might get a Basilisk set, because, again, it's the set with the most character and style out of the batch (which isn't really saying much). I like the Eyrie secondary helmet, but I sincerely doubt I like it enough to drop $160 US on it.
OMG, Take my MONEY!!!
For the 200$ one : no hoodie, no t-shirt (or irl gift) and NO PORTAL ?

Sorry, I dodge this time.
The Eyrie Apparition looks wrong without arms. Just sayin.' ='[.]'=
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Neat packs.

But when will be get a MTX for Stone Golem? This gem is heavily used and has not a single decent MTX...
i have no money :( im poor, anyone want to gift me this pack? :D
I'll prolly buy the basilisk. The rest look so underwhelming compared to the previous core packs..
MaxGor31 wrote:

GGG just released the most broken, untested and bugged content ever and people here are like "omg, rip my wallet, just take my money"

More like rip your brain it seems

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Fix map conversion *and* restore my maps or roll back my map tab. No more support otherwise.
my god, the galaxy background (orion pack). i'm so sick of seeing it.
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