3.9.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

Still not fixed for me at least. Just lost another map due to infinite loading screen. Also there's a huge issue while leap slamming, whirling blading, flame dashing etc. Casting flame dash once goes back twice, same as the other moving skills. Memory leak ? Well i'm not gonna talk about that because you already know the issue. Its really annoying for my gpu to be full load while sitting in hideout and temp's going through the roof for no reason. This game is leaking from all over the damn place. It always had been that case.

FPS just sitting idle is crazy. From 160 going down to 80 and then 103 and goes down again to 60 and then again rises up. This is nuts. No consistency at all.
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Any news on SSF Migrate All?

Still stuck with zero stuff in TradeLeague...

Also want to know what about SSF Migrate All.
Also stuck in trade league without anything migrated :(
"Fixed an invalid quest state occurring when Influence on the inner Regions of the Atlas was not upgraded."

didnt fix anything for me. exiles still dont spawn in influenced areas. can progress since 3 days now
iamnotspock wrote:
N4rk0tyk wrote:
Fix that damn influence for a f... sake. Running 50 maps to get conqueror 3 times is absolutely idiotic . Uber elder we could farm on 9-10 maps intervals and it wasn’t game breaking in any aspect, going up to nearly 200 maps per one Awakener event is rather fucking steep don’t you think? And I didn’t even get to 32 stones yet, I don’t even wanna think how it will look after. I am sick and tired of that one gigantic mess you made with that unfinished and untested 3.9 patch. I’ve spend ~1000$ past year alone on supporting your game, but I really expect little more.

"Grinding" gear Games.

Makes me glad I didnt spend ~$1000 in the last year.

I don’t mind grinding. In fact, I like grinding, and this is the reason why I play this game. But grind has to be justified, and it has to “work” properly. If you have influence over a given region, you expect at minimum influenced item drop. But we are not even getting that, we have influence but it does nothing. It is clearly messed up and not working properly. List of issues we have is so long that I lost a track of stuff that is even in their scope of work for fixing. I am really happy that long before the league started I decided to sit this one out on Standard, because amount of shit that is broken in Metamorph is ridiculous.
win 7 memory leak still not fixed...
Koksii wrote:
"Fixed an invalid quest state occurring when Influence on the inner Regions of the Atlas was not upgraded."

didnt fix anything for me. exiles still dont spawn in influenced areas. can progress since 3 days now

Ditto above. Inner regions are still messed up, under influence this regions are not different than without it, there is no influence mobs, items nor exiles there, and getting one appearance out of 20-30-40 maps in region clearly is not the way it should be, even if we apply the 30% chance that still should not be applied until we obtain all 32 stones. I am stuck on some 21 or 22 stones and cannot progress, I was hoping with my upcoming period of free time I will enjoy playing but it doesn’t look like Chris and corporation know how to fix this shit before Christmas. Really, really disappointed, not looking forward to core support packs anymore.
Ran 15 influenced maps, still no exile anywhere in sight. Im about to give up on this league. What a mess. Even synthesis was better since you could ignore the league mechanic but this time the main game atlas is broken.
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am i the only one who got those massages

1:disconnected : this operation requires the account to be logged in
2:disconnected : lost connection to the server or lost connection to the realm and bam you lost your map
I'm having issues with the latest patch. I receive the error message "Terrain generation failure: Mismatching ground type at (23, 25) when trying to access a Zana mission in the Defiled Cathedral map.
why GGG cant make it like it was in last seazon. workt perfectly without dc and lags, why u cant make it back. have u reduce amount of serwers of cheaped serwers? i thought my PC is slow and need new one, but now i see not only me have dc. so its serwer that what need to be change

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