3.9.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

pls fix memory leak
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Didn't fix anything! Tutorial area isn't getting rendered and the game crashes after few seconds same thing with lioneye's watch. Don't tell me it is my system because i can play just fine with characters in standard as long as i don't travel to lioneye's watch so it's your broken game, FIX IT!
pls fix memory leak
Still crashing
TreeOfDead wrote:
pls fix memory leak

So I'm guessing we aren't getting a patch tonight? Nice, love having 3 days without poe in the first week
Autoloot ?
pls fix memory leak

no patch today?
legion crash fix plz
nice buff metamorph bosses now "cannot be fully slowed" my ice shot suck dick alot, nice GGG! more buffs, ranger suck dick

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