3.9.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

Pls fix crash client gateway franfurt
, after 20 minutes of fps game from a constant 80-100 it drops to 1-4fps or does not load into the game.
It's not just happening in the EU. Texas gateway is giving me about 2 minutes in game (just enough time to stand around in Act 6 Lioneye's and then back to the desktop.

This just started happening after this morning's patch.

GGG please make automatic pickup ASAP for methmorph loots

Can you patch, patching system on Steam so it doesn't take 54 minutes for 11.9 MB file?


Seriously, patching on Steam is awful.
For god's sake, it's the 4th disconnect I get today where I lose all my portals.
First the character stops responding (usually I die), I get disconnected and when I reconnect the portals are gone...
Thanks for the quick fixes. Any update when we can migrate all from ssf to standard league? I migrated my level 86 yesterday and didn't know i had to choose "migrate all" to get progression migrated too (stupid, i know). And now i can't play that char anymore until progress can be migrated.
Every time i load and see i need to update im hoping for the change so i dont have to pick up these organs. hope this comes soon :)
w/e, i think im done with this league, will return like after 2 month, when everywthing will be balances. As always. =// Good luck here.
GUYS undo that 3.9.0e GIVE POE BACK to the people.....
N4rk0tyk wrote:
Fix that damn influence for a f... sake. Running 50 maps to get conqueror 3 times is absolutely idiotic . Uber elder we could farm on 9-10 maps intervals and it wasn’t game breaking in any aspect, going up to nearly 200 maps per one Awakener event is rather fucking steep don’t you think? And I didn’t even get to 32 stones yet, I don’t even wanna think how it will look after. I am sick and tired of that one gigantic mess you made with that unfinished and untested 3.9 patch. I’ve spend ~1000$ past year alone on supporting your game, but I really expect little more.

You keep supporting bug infested broken product even though it becomes more and more broken and now you wonder why it's so broken. Maybe it's time to change something in the complex equation.

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