3.9.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

Astoon wrote:
Still no automatic pick up function. Maybe you should skip a league and update your technique for 3 months. You are apparently more concerned with counting the money, instead of adding important functions. Good work ... lul

You do reaize, they can´t add auto pick up, unless the AMD crashes are fixed, do you?

Some people ...
Oo nice AMD fix! hope it works! Cant w8 to come home from work and play some poe :3
Starguest wrote:
Please GGG! auto loot meta organs


Yo, thanks, but also fix the Awakener fight... :/
still crashing with AMD GPUs
Chain Hook still crash server and reset me progres on map ;( !
metamorph autoloot > any bugfix
I just realized I'm now a Beta tester working free for GGG. That kind of pisses me off.
Having issues with memory leak as well!
Getting screen freezes for mob packs that otherwise would do nothing fps wise and out of nowhere sometimes, too...
Still crashing guys. Every 2 door instance average time in acts i crash...

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