3.9.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

█▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀ ░ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀ ░ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀
█▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ ░ █▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ ░ █▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀
▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░ ▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░ ▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀
Astoon wrote:
Still no automatic pick up function. Maybe you should skip a league and update your technique for 3 months. You are apparently more concerned with counting the money, instead of adding important functions. Good work ... lul

It's quite possible they will have a lot less money to count next month...
Uh, this definitely wasn't restartless for me! Force quit my game immediately - likely due to Steam's update integration, which prevented the update from applying due to low disk space.
Legion boss when you gonna do something about them? why it's a zana mod if you're not going to fix it?
Turning players into payers.

Have "fun" alpha testing this league. I may or may not play this league after they are done "listening" to feedback.

The same people laughing at the dead horse for W3 reforged mysteriously ignores that every new league TGGG releases is a W3 reforged.
Omg thanks for this patch, every time I press the triangle button the game crash lol
All i want is auto loot for xmas
pls fix memory leak!
I got the 4 corner citadels and the stones from it.

The fifth 4 socket thing spawned in one of the inner regions. I started doing different maps inside that region but nothing is showing up. So, I got 5 socket things in 5 regions, but only 4 stones because I do not have a chance to get the 5th stone.

Zana and the other guy aren't prompting new dialog/actions.

I tried swapping to a diff char and swapping hide outs, but neither worked. :/

Maybe I'm doing something wrong trying to get the inner citadels?
Still crashing at Doedre zone Act 9 in rotting core AMD A-8 5600k
+1 for fix memory leak next

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