3.9.0f Patch Notes (restartless)

pls fix memory leak!
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Auto loot organs please, can't come soon enough.
pls fix memory leak!
Pls fix memory leak! Really, it is completely impossible to play.
please fix memory leak
Can we get an ETA regarding SSF migration?
I'm curious if it's worth it to start over or not...
MasterAxe wrote:
Kevinmm wrote:
still no metamorph loot change feelsbadman

This, so much this. i started out not thinking it was bad, im really hating clicking them damn things now

They are getting to it. They said they would patch it in. They are fixing more aggravating game-breaking unplayable bugs which is way more important. Wait a few more days.
imo they should've just roll back to 3.9d and flesh out e f, cuz whatever went on in e created the memory leak, so if they compare the text changes between d and e they'd see where they screwed up.
please fix memory leak
Pants of Textile
As this was deployed restartlessly, in order for the Atlas fix to take effect (for those on while it was deployed) you'll have to create a new Hideout through Helena, or let your Hideout instance timeout.

Interesting information on how the code works with the atlas.

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