Content Update 3.9.0 -- Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

It is probably a good move to tone-down the power-creep with the changes to the crafting, but Feelsbadman....

In recent leagues, the crafting made a lot of non-meta, very-niche builds available, and I was able to make my own builds using some forgotten, but fun skills. Not following the guides, not following the crowd.... I could experience way more playstyles than before, and still clear the whole atlas with one character. Sure, they were way worse than any current meta, but interesting and fun. I was pretty sure that if I throw around 10-20 ex, I will make something viable. Now, it seems that the gap between the casuals and streamers/traders will be higher than ever...
MoMMeme hierophant:
It seems you have added more currency when we already don't have room for all the currencies.

In the main currency tab, you already cannot have engineering, binding, ancient harbinger fragments + all oils. There are already several stackable things that have to be put on a regular tab, as even with the extra slots in others (like the essence tab) still don't have room for these.

Now you add new high end currencies. We really would like to have currency tabs...hold the gd currencies.

You also gave nothing for storing Blighted Maps. Yet another regular tab, nor do we have a good place to store unused, or found prophecies. It is getting to be more than a chore just to store stuffs.
Added 3D Art for Torchoak Step and Machina Mitts.

No 3D art for Rotting Legion?


Just look at that and imagine my disappointment when I found out it has no 3D art.
Why ggg gotta hate on melee?
Build a Boss league!
Just do it
Fraktal_ wrote:
Why nerf in pVe game that is just for fun?

Just wait for coming mtx announcement. A d you will see, why.
Buff for streamers, nerf for casuals. What the hell?
Looking forward to friday!
Sarge7667 wrote:
Why ggg gotta hate on melee?

Seriously?! WTF is this joke?! POENINJA has us at like 0.01% of the game and they nerf us lmfao

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