Development Manifesto: Balance in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

Sad, that minions got nerfed down so hardly. Loved the new Zombies and now, its again a lame skill....peeposad
I dunno about this being bow league...sounds more like bow nerf league:D Instead of having those 2-3 good builds for bows, now there's quite a few mediocre, which why would you choose with such awful single target damage.
I think such a great deal of bowers will be disappointed, especially with race league that emphasize boss killing...
Main ITEMS, that were enablers of TS and Ice Shot are untouched. Skills themselves, especially TS, were shit or near that description, in comparison to other choices.
Have a bad feeling already:D Seems hopes lie in atlas update mostly:D
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Looking forward to the deluge of rage in bad English that will ensue after the patch notes today.

WARNING: Do not give GGG money. Never forgive the content creator priority uncovered during 3.14 Ultimatum league.
GGG got caught giving content creators in game advantages, only when caught would they tell the player base they were doing this. This will continue, but more slyly.

Overall, the diversity of Minion builds as a result of the 3.8.0 minion review has been positive, but there are a few mechanics that are sitting above where we'd like them to be. The following changes have been made:

The weighting of Minion modifiers on Convoking Wands have been lowered, making it harder to roll a great Minion wand.
Minion Movement Speed increases on the passive tree and Necromancer have been lowered.
Both the damage and the buff from the Feeding Frenzy support have had their values lowered, as the support was providing too much damage; Even if a player didn't want Aggressive minions, the support was too powerful not to use.
Raise Zombies had too much damage and life for a small investment. They've been lowered in power slightly in several ways: lower base damage, lower area on their Slam, no life multiplier per gem level and a longer Slam cooldown.
We felt Raise Spectre was too easy to get a third Spectre at gem level 21, especially with Necromancer’s Unnatural Strength passive. The third Spectre is now granted at gem level 25, giving a more challenging threshold for characters to strive for.

It seems the basic principle with GGG here is "no fun allowed". I guess it's time to move on and play some other game.

Adios, amigos.
PhilpC48 wrote:
It seems the basic principle with GGG here is "no fun allowed". I guess it's time to move on and play some other game.

Adios, amigos.

We will miss you, troll with private profile having 1 post in history.
retired from forum because of censorship and discrimination
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Matroxiou wrote:
Belormoroth wrote:
Looks like i can delete my necro...

Spectre nerf.
Zombies nerf.
Feeding frenzy nerf.
No buffs.

I can be wrong but "balance" for me is deleting one thing and adding other thing not deleting few things. Seems that nerfomancer is useless after patch.

yes ferrari lost few horses and they run on 95 octans but its still fkin ferrari :D

Doesn't matter if it's Ferrari or bicycle. It won't ride without wheels.

If zombies will die over and over again most of builds can go to recycle bin > right click > empty.
Bring back old Reach of the Council ;D
FramFramson wrote:
Well, I'll say this. Whatever opinions you happen to have about these changes, keep an eye on player number reports.

There's your measure of whether these changes were good or not.

The decline has been evident for awhile. GGG keeps doubling down on dumb. There is a saying in stock analysis, let the trend be your friend.

They are not paying attention to the trend at all. This league will be abysmal by the numbers.

Gutting melee fortify defense was just really dumb. That's all I play is melee. And fortify is one of the few mechanisms to keep me alive for hard hits. And I still get 1 hit slammed to death by some silly OP Boss mechanic. Those postage stamp size arenas with damage bling bling in every inch of the fight space is no fun at all.

I'm one of the many who are tired of it. The nerf brigade fan boys won't care until the game is all but dead. Then they will be the salt shakers, declaring to one another "what happen"?

C'est La Vie
Arc & shock being buffed, smiles in Arc Mines once again!!!!!!!!!!!!

But to be fair: RIP everything else. heart goes out to you.
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
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I think that it's not the best rewwork there is but a game as complex as Poe is hard to balance competently.

maybe it would be useful to make another legacy or racing leage to get some more buffs and nerfs out, to balance the game a bit more. Not tha it i in a sorry state of balance.

But I think for the last 3 or four leages the new builds and skills were a bit more overpowered then necessary

Also many builds are played so frequently just because the skill is new, I guess bow skills will be new, and even if not that great many people specally the ones that have 1000's of hours will be playing chars that are new for them.

There is no super big reason to make bow skills super powerful when people play the new bow builds anyway for a new mechanic and the new support gems.

The Necromancer was a bit to extreme in that regard and also worked well with the blight mechanic.

Legion saw a lot of tricksters with the ed cont combo.

With the new league being more of a bossing and I can imagen that this league I can see a lot of trappers. Vortex and other proven bosskilling builds being used.

And since I still like Minions and still wanna try out the new stuff I will try to make a mirror arrow build. :)

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