Development Manifesto: Balance in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

nekko wrote:
"Arc, Soulrend, Molten Strike, Shattering Steel, Lancing Steel, Venom Gyre and more have been buffed. This is a buff."

IB4 community gets a hold of it calling it a nerf.

Oh I got it!!!

minus times minus is plus
so buff times buff is...NERF!

(since GGG considers buffs as somthing negative ;)
I would just change the title of these new league posts from "balance" to "changes." "Changes to Path of Exile" would probably make more sense since you don't truly balance anything. The title would be more accurate to your meta shifting roller-coaster beta testing methodology.
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Icicle Mine's projectiles are now limited range, meaning they won't travel as far by default, and their projectile distance can be modified by projectile speed.

Most of the very few projectile speed nodes are deep in the Ranger's region of the skill tree. Why should any Ranger ascendancy use Icicle?
Sure, some can be reached by Shadow. But do these really compensate?
dostov wrote:
"Orb of Storms, Lightning Spire Trap, Onslaught Support, Smoke Mine and Stormblast Mine are being reduced in power at low levels, but will be around as effective late game."

hahahahaha, balancing skills based off of a small % of players that race is such a brilliant way to run a game.

If no one but the elite racers were using them, then the nerf doesn't matter does it.
because of many people love playing ranger bow class. you take opportunity and screw them right in the bum, and then start thinking how we could force them to play higher endgame tier map content.


i gladly add more run speed. invest more projectile speed wich makes travel projectiles farther. and roam with headhunter tier1-10 maps mgiht 12 too. bcs its not worth go further because of lack higher tier map drops.

how yu nerf that ? gl. cut rangers feet off. add some bricks to feet to slower ?

make all rangers have all the time 30% base movespeed ? :D

i play morethan a year ranged class. without headhunter i cant kill most rares and bosses. i just stop. and now you make them even tankyer.

thanks i quess lol
fk archnemesis.
Most of the very few projectile speed nodes are deep in the Ranger's region of the skill tree. Why should any Ranger ascendancy use Icicle?
Sure, some can be reached by Shadow. But do these really compensate?

There are some in fairly easy reach in the Shadow region, and if you really want a ton of projectile speed there's Faster Projectiles support.
Raise Zombies had too much damage and life for a small investment. They've been lowered in power slightly in several ways: lower base damage, lower area on their Slam, no life multiplier per gem level and a longer Slam cooldown.

This life multiplier was introduced to make zombies more early game viable? Now that this is being removed we are back to how it was when it was shit, no? Or did I missed something?
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yakoob wrote:
Kurnis wrote:
PathofMatth wrote:
Think about it before asking...

"Does multimod with 3 mods INCLUDE the mod itself?"


The idea is to get rid of the 1 billion horrible reddit post about 2 stat items that are multimodded and supposed to be "impressive".

Crafters should rejoice as their skill and knowledge will FINALLY be rewarded, far gone are the days where you could alt spam into 2 stats and make a "godly weapon" with multimod and 3 crafted mods.

Now, it's 3 mods minimum + multi + 2.

3 Mods STILL allow you to alt spam + regal, but you need to hit a regal, you can't just annul the bad mod and go on.

This is crafting, just like before annuls.

Crafters didn't die for this, crafters are about to have a gooooood time.

This change only benefits the EXTREMELY RICH. Fuck this change

This change benefits smart and resourceful people while lazy goofballs cry and nag. This is how life works.

I had to look you up man. I was thinking "look at the god complex on this one. Self proclaimed smart and resourceful? He must be some kind of build savant, way ahead of the meta with some weird Iron Commander build or something".

So I took a look....a bunch of Clayshaper Golem chars. The most braindead easy mode build I've ever played. During the melee update, I was farming Uber with a 5L Golem on day 3, and it funded my Cycloner. You're not smart or resourceful! You're just running the same budget copy/paste Golem build that's been faceroll forever, but avoids attention because it's boring to play and boring to watch. You call other people "lazy", but you spam the same build, with the same cookie cutter gear, on a build that plays itself. Smart and resourceful?
Forum probation for calling someone a 'troll', so I lifetime banned myself from spending money on PoE.
"Overall, the diversity of Minion builds as a result of the 3.8.0 minion review has been positive"

And therefore we totally killing it, cant have more than 1 build.

Level 25 spectre change = everyone has to go necromancer + everyone has to play with 2 wands.

D I V E R S I T Y.
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What builds involving Spectres that everyone seems to be playing where having 1 less Spectre seems to totally kill the build and remove it from memory?

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