Endgame Conquerors of the Atlas Gameplay Preview

nice one!

Supporter packs when?
My body is ready HYPE!!
That Brine King boss fight makes you literally spawn INSIDE the boss as longer the battle takes and he still uses all AOE spam abilities.

Now imagina that with Titan's and Fleet map modifiers.

I'm mostly curious about that attack skill the fighter was using in the first ones. Is that gonna be new, or did I miss something from a previous update? It looks kinda sick, tbh.
"Players think the Brine King fight is annoying and needs to be updated to not have such a tiny arena? Let's turn it into an endgame boss!

That does NOT look fun
seems ok
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Awesome, imagine turbo, aoe modifiers on those bosses. Cheap design, every toon is melee toon. Done, melee balanced.
Would it be possible to remove the cloud twirling effect? My videocard is melting.

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