Endgame Conquerors of the Atlas Gameplay Preview

That eye of the hurricane looks awesome.
BlaqWolf wrote:
Oh yeah, delightful not-even-postage-stamp sized arenas.
I swear the area to fight bosses gets smaller every time they introduce a new one, and their AoE attacks are bigger.

Took the words right out of my fingers.

I avoid those ever shrinking AOE arenas with massive damage mechanics. They are just lame, beyond lame. It's a ploy off the old D2 Duriel fight. 1 shot melee hits and no where to run.
looking forward to it.

hope the launch goes smooth!
Are these bosses going to be just as strong as the shaper and elder or fairly close? 3.9 is going to be awesome, cant wait to play!!!
Well, the fight looks neat, but as far as the lore is concerned, it seems rather underwhelming that instead of the shaper and elder, we'll now have some buffed up rouge exiles.
That mini arena in the eye of a storm looks great visually and horrible to actually play. Reminds me of that damn act 6 crab boss, one of the worst in the story for me.
Mirage Archer! Carry meeeeee!
Jerle wrote:
Oh yeah!

No Problem,
Those bosses look really treacherous, would it be possible to penetrate their unwavering stance by buffing the stun mastery wheel in passive tree with a 5% chance to ignore stun immunity?
so what is going to happen to shaper/elder guardians after 3.9 release? anybody knows? please answer.
anyone else noticed how the bosses are growing out of a what looks like a dead exile? could be a hint of a spoiler? like we arent actually fighting exiles but somethings that possessed them maybe?

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