Endgame Conquerors of the Atlas Gameplay Preview


I love the aesthetic, having the avatar like inner selves of these ex-champions coming forth. Reminds me a little of the apparition system, too.
swirling blizzard hurricane storm looks badass, but those kinds of fights are horrible
the effects and fights really look amazing, great job
Looks awesome, too bad I'll probably never see it...
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The ice boss seems so pretty (I love ice), any chance we could get a winter wallpaper with it? :D
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Molochmane wrote:


IKR, for claustrophobic players Brine King and now this boss will suck hardcore. Another one I have difficulties with is Garukhan due to its massive coverage of the screen, to the point of blinding the player without many visible ways out.
the music has got some of that venarius theme going on - amazingly epic!
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Aw man, I HATE closed-in arenas like the Brine King.
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