[3.9] Burning Arrow Chieftain League Start - Budget Friendly

maciekiwa2 wrote:
Hey there,
I test few things so :
1.you can get 16% fire damge over time multiplier on shaper amulet and gloves, thats even more dmg
2.drop flammability with blasphemy and instead of this i have ele weakness gloves
3.linked wave of conviction to cwdt and blood rage(have 2 empty sockets cause blaphemy and flamm drop) for attack speed, cause maybe barrage allows you to much faster apply your full dot, but also you have much less dmg than with combustion
4. change arohongui for ngamahu ascendacny, imo you cant keep alive totems and/or balistas all the time so ngamahu is better cause that 100% extra fire for 4 seconds gives feel that you hit like a truck
5.added wise oak instead onslaugh flask (cause you have cinderswallow)and movement skill setup instead balista cause i drop ascendancy
6. drillneck actually gives more dmg and additionaly pierce?
well final result 1mln+ ignite with 7k life with mid-high tier gear, nothing super expensive.. well maybe gloves and ofc 6l bow
here is also my pob with new burning arrow simulation etc https://pastebin.com/AfX92q4z keep in mind that i use LocalIdentity's Fork path of building patch for better calculations (for example shock effect or pantheon)
tell me what you think!

Thank you for the input! This has tremendously improved the build and has given me a better understanding of alternative PoB forks. I've made changes to the build accordingly and have put you down as a contributor to the build. Thanks again!
Uh oh, Stinky
It's looking much better now.. but u still missing a point of dex to equip that bow xD
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Hey there, again :D
1.so i check your newest pob and your right, swift affliction gives almost 100k more ignite than immolate
2.also few things that i not mention, i add golem cause why not (also you can lower your golem lvl for cwdt but 3 skill on cwdt? too much i think.. but you know.. you can do it so) and precision lvl 10 cause i missing accuracy and getting gear (ring, amulet or gloves) with good rolls plus accuracy will be damn hard, lvl 10 is overkill cause you need only lvl 6 for lvl 90 char, so why i add lvl 10? cause you eventually lvl up higher and again you will need that 1% hit chance
3.next thing, i forget you can get -6% res enchant to WoC big plus for you :D and this also reminded me that you can get -9% fire to nearby enemies as delve mod on rare, and imo that will be nice helmet between starkonja and crown of tyrant which is still BiS helmet, but starkonja capped our dex, so more dmg but you will be need dex somewhere. And with crown you must drop your movement setup or balista setup (whetever version you using)
4. you can also change your chest piece for a corrupted one (in budget gear), idk evasion-armour with good collours, thats more.. you know realistic than 6l bow or 6l astral with 4 off collours, and change roll on your starkonja for more dex, also you still missing that fire multiplier on amulet in your guide, just little reminder <-- this is only QoL change because i see many people repeats "you still dont have dex for bow" etc
5. tempered mind have +125 accuracy no +100 idk why pob still dont update this but fork pob patch it and when you first open it, you missing like 10% hit chance so, you can manually edit jewel to +125 and if pob doesnt work with that just isntead of this add to jewel +200 accuracy that all
6. and last thing, in balance manifesto they comfirmed that in tree will be new ignite cluster near ranger starting area so if its not too far (hopefully somewhere below ranger starting area), we can drop some life and go for it, for even more dmg. You know glass cannons FTW
PS. im somewhere half way in creating leveling section so, probably i comment this tommorow but idk exacly when. i dont have acces to new you know gems, buff, nerfs and monster/bosses life and resistance buff so idk if this lvling way will succeed
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So first of all im not at all native speaker so BDZLE read it and correct places that i spell something wrong and this will be "raw" version of guide wihout any images and still needs much work if somenone wants call this "lvling guide" (dont have time to finish this)etc
At this moment i see 2 or 3 ways to lvl up this build wihout any big regreting tree after lvling, but first few unique that gonna help you while lvling and also it will be easier to understand what im talking about in specific lvling section
Blackgleam Fire Arrow Quiver - attack speed, nice fire dmg
Storm Cloud Long Bow - not fire bow but very nice dmg, and lightning gives us shock
Bloodboil Coral Ring - cheap ring with 1 res, nice life, huge fire dmg
Pyre - nice ring with up to 80% burning dmg but probably expensive because have 40% conversion
Ashrend Buckskin Tunic - life, fire res, added fire easy 4 or 5 link
Prismweave Rustic Sash - well ele dmg, ele dmg and yet again ele dmg
Ashcaller - burnign dmg, fire dmg, spell dmg, later you will understand why i tell about wands too
So first lvling will be burnign arrow as soon as possible that mean we start using this at lvl 8
in this case i probably recomend using double buring arrow setup so lest begin!
1. first thing you must do - create ranger character, go to town, take split arrow, check your vendors for movement speed boots, 3green
and 1b1r1g (chromatic item) and stash all your items, gems etc to your stash, and if you dont have anyone just rush to prison and take lesser multiple projectile
2. create your main character, and start using split arrow with pierce from ranger as soon as you hit stash in town
links will be burning arrow - pierce - lesser multiple projectile - elemental dmg with attack skills (EDWA)in that order for clear
burning arrow - combustion - EDWA - deadly aliments in that order for single target and ofc if you manage to get ashrend, you will be have added fire here too
you can drop pierce as soon you get pierce quiver and change it for combustion but then you need ofc 1blue there
at the begging go for dex notes (max to the right) grab all notes there so you dont need any dex while lvling
this scenario is caster and now you understand why ashcaller wands
1. here i probably use fire ball, and thats probably easier way cause you dont need to remeber upgrading your weapon, just grab wands with fire dmg to spells and that all (you can craft them using magic wand+ruby ring+orb of alteration vendor recipe, just sell these items to vendor) rule is the same create witch, grab all items, stash your items, if you dont have anyone rush to prison and grab it from quest reward
gems will be fire ball - combustion - lesser multiple projectile(swap to deadly aliments for bosses)- pierce or elemental prolif
and second setup is armageddon brand but its on lvl 28 and probably it will be better than fire ball
armageddon brand - combustion - deadly aliments - controlled destruction
in caster scenario go through big life note and up in tree instead of right side, if armageddon take runebinder note
both setups will be use these
herald of ash and thunder, clarity/precision, movement skill
there is third scenario using melee
just grab molten strike - ancestral call - EDWA - combustion and upgrade your weapons all the way (axes preferably)
IN all of these scenario we have ignite but it isnt our dmg, its nice bonus to your dmg but not main source

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Trentemoller wrote:
Would you recommend it for SSF?

I would not recommend this for SSF. If you are looking to start 3.9 SSF, I would recommend a build that relies much less on specific uniques or gimmicky skills. There are some very safe and effective slayer, gladiator, chief and berzerker builds out there that can plow through content without batting an eye.
Uh oh, Stinky
what about HC tho.. cause all I play is hardcore.. and this guy is talking glasscannon xD
lethalgod wrote:
what about HC tho.. cause all I play is hardcore.. and this guy is talking glasscannon xD

naah, easy :D i talking about glass cannon because there will be new ignite notes in tree and i probably drop some life (about 700-800) for even more dmg. i think its hc viable, if you go for more armour on gear, instead 2 well rolled dmg jewels get abyss jewel with blind,life and 1 dmg note, and you can drop wise oak for another defence flask like basalt/granite
Is this build going to be a huge pain in the ass now that getting Xoph's bow will be that much harder now since no breach as a zana mod ?
For how budget this is and how well the numbers are looking I can safely say im fucking disgusted. I can't wait to try this.
I think shaving some points to grab the new notable would be worth considering 'Added a new cluster between the Ranger and the Duelist -- Burning Brutality: Grants increased Fire Damage with Attack Skills, Chance to Ignite, Fire Damage over Time Multiplier, Ignite Duration and the notable causes Ignites you inflict to deal Damage faster.'

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