Atlas Changes in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

This league I found the "Cortex" 0 times, I already imagine how it will be the probability that you will get the elder and uber, what a bad decision to remove the endgame from the game, it was just to adjust it.
If the shaper was actually rewarding I would totally be on board with this but it really doesn't make any sense.On the other hand I wasn't doing him anymore anyway for the same reason.
Daiichiki wrote:
This league I found the "Cortex" 0 times, I already imagine how it will be the probability that you will get the elder and uber, what a bad decision to remove the endgame from the game, it was just to adjust it.

they're hiring, go ahead and apply
Conquerors of the Atlas should be You GGG. Or whoever owns this IP nowadays.. If you could fix your game breaking bugs that ruin every league launch, that would be like.. You, conquering the Atlas.

It's unacceptable to lose the Bonus of all those immensely expensive unique maps that we've purchased and unlocked, every 3 months. That could go for all other maps too. Except they're easy to get back.

It's unacceptable that you wipe out most or all of my skill trees every 3 months. I leave the game for a couple of months, or years, and when I come back everything is broken. I understand why.. but I don't care, the issue still remains that I can't: get in, play, get out, uninstall, reinstall 3 years later, same character, same skill tree, same achievements unlocked, get in, play, uninstall, reinstall 3 years later.. I'm not interested in 3-months long characters. I don't play leagues. And the only reason I played Standard, back in the day, was because of a sense of progression. Which doesn't exist anymore in PoE.

Nowadays, I reinstall after some 6-12 months break, I find everything broken, I can't play anything, I can't wear my gear without skills, I might be able to walk around the first area of the game, doing nothing.. I look around for a minute, naked.. I instantly remember that I don't really care about PoE anymore. I uninstall again.

I have no idea what you are smoking but everything you just typed is complete nonsense.
Obviously this it not a game for you, maybe find something else?
By watching trailer of this I though there will be something AFTER killing uber elder, probably like many ppl. Suddenly I'm informed that changes will overwrite old end game quest-line. I'm not really fan of this, actually I liked spreading elder influence mechanism and shaper/uber elder fights...Now getting into uber elder will be extremly rare and shaper/elder same...Watcher's eye will raise in price drastically for sure, same with high lvl good shaper/elder bases. In poe 2 shaper/elder mods with additional skill/support gems will not be so desirable and thats the only reason I can understand those changes.

I just hope that new end-game will enjoy me the same like before. Anyway they could expand end game instead of turn upside down old one.
I welcome the new endgame, the idea with Watchstones is great and I am looking forward to the new league mechanics. But the continuation of the storyline is irritating and represents a break for me. Why can´t the new story begin after defeating UElder (by your own or in a party), that would be more conclusive for me. Of course, some (many?) players in this case might never see the new endgame & atlas. But is not that already the case? How many players can´t solve red tier maps and how many have never seen UElder…

However, this approach would require, that the loot is more attractive in the new atlas. An optional switch to the old Atlas would also be welcome, e.g. when all conquerors are defeated. (e.g Rise of the Elder)
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Still no Celestial Hideout :( I suppose I will still be able to run my leftover guardian maps after 3.9 to get more Shaper sets.
I think most of the changes are interesting. But I'll miss Shaper and Elder influenced maps. With the new atlas it seems very hard to get the items for those. As the shaper and elder try to break out, it would be nice to still see random shaper/elder influenced maps, so we have to close the outbreaks. Would be a nice tweak.

Like others mentioned, it's still not entirely clear how map tier and map tier drops work, now. Is it one map for all tiers, or for every tier one map? First one sounds easier to manage (would be nice), last one will maybe a bit complexer ,but cluttering (sounds more like PoE^^).
Death is a feature, to learn how to play. But I'm still blind.
More grind and more RNG gates.
They even suggest to get the celestial hideout before the update, since it is "likely" to be harder to achieve in the future.

Can't say that I like the direction where this is going...
Let's explore new playstyles - Play it your own way, not just like the others.
Testing the endgame performance before release date is totally overrated...
2 concerns

Watchers eye was a primary method of gaining currency in trade league. Now?

Watchers eye was a staple in many builds, now going to be much harder to get mods you want?

I think everything else with shaper/elder items is going to be irrelevant imo. 7 links will be chase items, making unique 7 links very strong. Bad mods will still be cheap and all the other mods got nerfed a lot. Bases will not be that much more expensive, other than exquisite blade being 100+ ex.

Now we have support gem plus that only drop from guardians, and some of them will be “many many many exalts” according to Nitro. Also from what I understand there are also going to be some unique stones (idk if they will be account bound though). Elder/shaper mods are still in the game, along the new mods only on new bases so I don’t see any issues with this. What I think have long term consequences is the rarity of shaper/elder uniques, as these are often build defining (shroud, nebuloch, touch, shaper/elder marks, dying sun and so on) and now will be much much harder to obtain.

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