Atlas Changes in Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas

why people is complain so much? everyone complain about dont have changes on uber/elder/guardians, no true end game, now they change and people is complain about, really? you already played, tested already? decide what you want for god sake
now to do uber elder need to spawn it and do 8 guardians, good drop is already a rare thing, watcher is rare and eternity is super rare, and now you make more rare also the fight hahaha good drops will be impossible then...
btw last eternity that i dropped was 4 months ago just to let u know
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MogwaiOfEvil wrote:
So what happens when you start up an new character and get to the atlas which you've boosted to T14s? Can we unsocket them to lower them?

you can unsocket the jewels freely, so just remove them, and maps are white again for your lower level char.
yes it was time for a change
Seems to me there is a lot of mis-interpreting the announcement going on.

1. It stated that Elder AND guardians will randomly appear as Zana missions. I read this to mean that it is going to work like the synth bosses--we no longer have to defeat all the guardians prior to the Elder fight. We can jump straight to fighting Elder when he appears in a mission. Given comments in other places, I would be super surprised if Elder (and the synth bosses) weren't a much more common occurrence than folks are expecting. Might be a little harder to get fragments from both Shaper and Elder to spawn Uber elder, but remember that basic watcher's eyes were a possible drop from yellow elder and up. Given that we no longer have to manipulate influence to spawn Elder&Co, it may be that watcher's eyes (at least 2 stat ones) will become more common than before.

2. If I am reading it right, only 1/8 of the Atlas at a time will be upgraded to tiers above 5, and we will be able to choose which 1/8 that is. I don't read that to mean that map drop tier levels have changed in any significant way--I would expect the same mix of T1-T16 drops as before. Except (if I am understanding it right) we will have direct control over which ones will drop above T5 by where we place the upgrades while we run maps. It seems to me this creates significant opportunity for us to control what kind of maps we are running above T5 (as soon as we start upgrading them). Maybe not as easily to isolate a single map to run, but not that hard to narrow greatly what maps are dropping at the higher tiers.

Or I could be the one reading it wrong. But my interpretation would be less game wrecking (and thus, imo more likely) than many others I just read.

For myself, super psyched about the new endgame and very much looking forward to next league! Go GGG!

my whole endgame was spawning and killing uber elder and i like it.
i also like my 159/159 atlas.
and now you're taking it away from me.
I'm guessing this may be answered elsewhere but, effect on map tab?
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.
Some questions...

Will we need to "complete" all revealed maps for them to drop or they will be already in drop pool from moment they will have revealed?
How will maps drop work? Will they drop only their region's maps or any other map, even from other regions?
Will we be able to specify which exactly maps to upgrade?
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Based on mobile demo, it seems maps drops by name, no tier involved. Unless, somehow they keep white/yellow/red map type and force a kind of progression on the map type itself, and the atlas red tier map will represent the maximum available map tier that could drop, while the drop could be white/yellow/red.

This league was my first Shaper kill
And yesterday, mis-clicked Flame Dash took away my first Uber Elder ...
Damn less than a month to get it done (by my own, not through service) and people are not responding to trade request so late in the league ... I want my fragments ...

This to say that like others, I'm a bit concerned to lose Shaper & Elder in new Atlas
Question is obviously "how often are we going to be able to face them ?" (we love them, that's why we want to kill them more !!)
And also : will the new end game bosses be as challenging / as fun to kill / as rewarding as Shaper & Elder are today ?
If they not as good, and current bosses (Shaper & Elder) are very difficult to face (low spawn through Zana, even worse low spawn + you need all fragments...) then it's going to be a very bad move GGG

Why not redesign them similar way to Atziri ?
simple version through easy to get fragments, and Uber with fragments from the 1st fight ?
Was discussed during Exilecon (Ziz boss design interview) might be a good thing (also might be too late for 3.9, but if needed please think of this for 3.10 and later ??)
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