ExileCon Recap

This event was amazing and I'm so excited to see where PoE is going in the future. Back in 2013 I recognised the potential but GGG has done far more than I could imagine. Race was great and I look forward to catching up on the few things I missed. Really an amazing effort by the staff, organisers and fans.
Only advice I have is:
Rather state there will be a delay and have people do something fun and low-key in the background. Trust me, we've all seen our fair share of live event delays.
Treat the prompter as a summery card and rather glance at it than read from it. But I'll take a genuine presentation from Chris over a public speaker any day.
Don't rely on Twitch or other 3rd parties to give out rewards. They are responsible for serious backlash that mired your event.

To the 0 drop gang: You have every right to be mad but can the more dramatic dial it down a bit? My protest is not getting supporter packs. Maybe don't burn bridges?

To the GGG cattle: "RNG" and "free game" seems to be the only points you can make despite that not related in any way to the fraudulent promotion. For people that don't care you sure seem to care a lot despite not understanding it.

To the forum mods: Bless you. Going through the effort of editing out the offending parts but leaving the post in tact is just amazing. Much respect.

Edit Update: Let it be known that GGG made things right afterwards and awarded drops when any other company would have just tried to distance themselves. GGG, you guys are the best.
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i got a question
do all our supporter packs and mtx we bought will be ported to PoE 2 right???
On Ziz's stream were an iron door in Graveyard.
So character really can't climb on them or break? :) Their lock seems very fragile and pathetic. xD

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