ExileCon Recap

0 drop crybabies inc in 3..2..1..

Seriously tho, was so great to watch it even tho i live in europe so i was awake till 7h morning.

Cant wait to see stuff that wasnt streamed !
Thank You GGG. This was an event to remember for the rest of our lives.
Looking forward to many more years.
There are a ton of photos on the different Discords for the event. Some people have links to their Google Drive there.

As far as "official" photos go, Chris told me over DMs they have over 30TB worth of data to sort through. So that might just take them a *little* while.

Edit: I'll post all the photos I took at the event itself (which pretty much deal with only the card game and mingling with the awesome GGG staff) as well as all the framed physical prizes I got sometimes next week on Reddit.
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Thanks for the 2 twitch drops! The PoE 2 reveal was amazing.
easyyy wrote:
0 drop crybabies inc in 3..2..1...

There's already one on the first page lol. :p

It was an awesome event GGG. Congratulations! :)
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
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Literally all I want is the David Brevik talk =/ Plez.
Cheers! Amazing event. Really glad to be part of the experience.

i love you chris and team

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