ExileCon Announcements

Quite funny, Kripp playing POE for the first time in his life. He looks so lost.
love the dark look


worm overtuned as fuck but love the encounter

worried for all my 6L chests and the countless fusings - lots of questions around that one heh now that links are tied to skills
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On the toilet is the best time to read the forum.
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Does this mean Shaper and Elder/Uber Elder are gone? :/
Awakened Combustion Support when?
NoIguanaForZ wrote:
Does this mean Shaper and Elder/Uber Elder are gone? :/

no I think they are tied to campaign 1

there will be 2 campaigns
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On the toilet is the best time to read the forum.
Zana will be 20 years older in PoE2. I can't handle this...
This went above and beyond my wildest expectations! Thank you GGG!
My hideout showcase thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2864634
My fanworks thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2868617
Are items in standard league going to be deleted?
This is really awesome! If I'd know that I could see such thing, Path of Exile 2, I'd literally go to NZ! Seriously, all of the announcaments made were beyond my imagination and I'm proud all of you! I feel excited and happy! Just one thing that I'd like to mention, that since it's a whole new game, hopefully we can finally see something new about the trading system itself. Something to make it more easier and less complicated. It'd be just wonderful. Thanks for everything and can't wait to play PoE2!
Well... I'm excited!
Ygidua wrote:
Not sure about mobile POE, I just don´t play games on my phone. Shapeshifting, didn´t know that was a requested feature, but i am not on reddit so I must have missed that.

Besides that, it looks very interesting to me. Based on the stream they have a DX12 or Vulkan client now, which is good. The new socket system looks nice, but I wonder how easy / hard it will be to get to those six sockets.

I say that as a person who plays for many years and not once, did socket a six link. New Atlas seems fun, all maps from 14-16 is great for leveling.

The new league hmm, it looks quite complicated and we only get one big dude to fight, no AOE fights like Breach or Blight which people seemed to like a lot. Interesting approach.

Deep Dive panels will be interesting to watch. I like the twitch prime sub, free MTX is cool!

Do you GuYs NoT have phoneS?
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