ExileCon Announcements

Not sure about mobile POE, I just don´t play games on my phone. Shapeshifting, didn´t know that was a requested feature, but i am not on reddit so I must have missed that.

Besides that, it looks very interesting to me. Based on the stream they have a DX12 or Vulkan client now, which is good. The new socket system looks nice, but I wonder how easy / hard it will be to get to those six sockets.

I say that as a person who plays for many years and not once, did socket a six link. New Atlas seems fun, all maps from 14-16 is great for leveling.

The new league hmm, it looks quite complicated and we only get one big dude to fight, no AOE fights like Breach or Blight which people seemed to like a lot. Interesting approach.

Deep Dive panels will be interesting to watch. I like the twitch prime sub, free MTX is cool!
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Chris (and company) we're so so proud of you. I've been playing a long time and I couldn't be happier for you that you're making your dreams come true. Breathe man! We're here because we love this game and we love your vision. You don't have to be scared of a crowd that is so loyal to you. Sending you all the internet hugs and truest thanks for all the fun you've given my family over the years.
I'm amazed with GGG's effort. Keep it up, you are amazing!
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That was awesome. The biggest hype I felt since started playing. Keep the good work, let bigger studios learn from you.
These announcements blew my socks off!!!
GG GGG, you really did it with this presentation, so much content coming and both 3.9 and 4.0 seem so promising!

And that Mobile game, at first I thought it was a joke at certain other company but it actually looked really good!

Awesome news! Thank You GGG!
Just AMAZING! Congrats GGG.
Wait Wait WAIT does this mean Fusings are gone? We now only need to Spam Jewellers to get 6 Sockets ? Need more Information. I Just hope it will be less frustrating. Than the current System

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