ExileCon Announcements

Wow can I transfer my PS4 character to PoE mobile?
Not really excited at this point, to be honest.

More freedom to slot support gems is welcome, I suppose. But, you'll just need to build in tradeoffs in a different way if six-links are not limited in their availability by slots on gear. That's just re-shuffling the cards without really changing the game, as it were.

Gaining access to prestige classes via the "ascendancy" process has for years been a low-to-negative enjoyment process for a *LOT* of players. And yet, at least so far it looks like that system is likely to remain in place.

Shapeshifting is new, and welcome. It looks like a minor part of the changes, though, overall.

Now that prestige classes will finally leave lab in 4.0, will GGG get it right this time or will they find new ways to repeat old mistakes?
I love you guys! I will support you so much! <3
Bring down the dark regime, I know how to unleash eternal power.
Lead us to order. I am the Lightbringer!
Ggg you are awesome!!!!thx for everyting
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
GGG!!! Best ever!!!
WOW. Just WOW.
Such an amazing announcement! Keep up the great work GGG!
These announcements blew my socks off!

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