Watch the ExileCon Livestream and Win Microtransactions with Twitch Drops!

can i win anything?
Blight Master Craft Service in Blight My IGN: OfferCraftService Vouch
Blight Masters 8 level Crafting All Service all crafts mods
Best Blight SC Master Craft Service Blight SC in BSC!
Master Crafting Service in Blight BSC PM: OfferCraftService
Very nice :)
oh boy, patch .9 is gonna be a complete mess again then I assume, with staff taking of to create new content for 4.0..
Very nice.Good luck everyone.
4.0 will be in reality 2.0. PoE 2 :) at least i HOPE. After 8 years it should be :)
Hello. Tell me if Twitch Drops will work when watching the broadcast on official Twitch app on Android TV or on my smartphone?
I'm watching you 😎
Thanks GGG
Thanks GGG
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