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I wasn't expecting to get more. Even if the 2 more I got were duplicates of the chaos portal. It's still nice.
0 again
29 Nov, Infernal Armour Set.
Thank You GGG.
caxerx wrote:
29 Nov, Infernal Armour Set.
Thank You GGG.

GZ, that's the good one of the 2 imo.

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That take is time, but when i see that, i can wait

"You have been awarded 1x Ultimate Chaos Bundle"
Nov 28, 2019, 12:55:51 PM
1x Ultimate Chaos Weapon Effect

So it's not a "hard luck" after all, eh?
I wonder if it's just a damage control consolation or someone really decided to check our participation and assign what was missing.

Anyhow, thanks GGG. Please, in future, make events like that fair to everyone and have a backup plan.
Maybe it's good idea to make regular weekly streams on your very own twitch channel with some insignificant guaranteed drops, so you can get used to the system (again, look at how Warframe does this with their Prime Time and Dev Streams) and also providing more insight about the game.
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Wow, was not expecting this. Just got a message for Twitch drops. HandsUp

You have been awarded 1x Infernal Bundle

I was not expecting the backlog to be so long! Thank Chris, Thank you GGG!

Back in force on Dec 13. :)

Happy Holidays everyone.
Zero here... no hope :_(
Infernal Bundle - thanks Chris Wilson!

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