Patch Notes 3.8.2b

Very Ncie !
Good News!!
The 40/40 challenge completion isn't even a glimmer of hope for some. 100 blighted maps for some that barely can tackle t10 blighted maps.

Patch after patch after patch of bug fixes and no content improvement.

If this content/expansion is leading into Exilecon, that's going to be a huge waste.
Very Nice !!
Way too many negative responses for bug fix notifications. You guys all see the "b" at the end of it, right? They aren't supposed to matter. It is just better GGG tell us than not tell us.

Looking forward to Exilecon announcements!
Sick. one patch at a time.
need new league !
Still can't hear Corrupted Blood :(
All that and a bag of chips!
When is the patch coming that fixes the enemy portals from spawning on or right next to the ichor pump in Blight encounters and blight maps, that leads to enemies 1-shotting the pump?

That's been said to have been fixed in at least 2 or 3 rounds of patch notes / dev comments, but no word yet on when it will actually get fixed.
Yeah haven't had a blighted map drop for over a week and I played a lot so will be skipping this game for a long time.

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