Patch Notes 3.8.2b

LMTR14 wrote:
oh I'd like to meet chris wilson in person and ask him a couple of questions...

There's a special tier of Exilecon tickets for that. xD Dinner with the devs!
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies.

Path of Exile Version 0.7.0: Completely rebalanced everything[/quote] BEST PATCHNOTES EVER!! :D
can u pls fix the tower buttons that can't be clicked on sometimes?
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Antigegner wrote:
can u pls fix the tower buttons that can't be clicked on sometimes?

Hope they can, reaclly frustrating.

It happens when tower buttons is on top of walls, like happens often in maps like Toxic Sewer and Colosseum. Any narrow and closed in map really.
LMTR14 wrote:
itzchris89 wrote:
How can you guys not find blighted maps? I get a couple every day of playing. I cant understand the golden oil price though as i only found 2 this league and they seem so much rarer than exalts.

you're on the whitelist? are you a streamer maybe?

its not about whitelist . its more there a limited number of blighted map allowed for all the server of a sub league if you want map drop play after the weekend. (everytime they buffed the blightdrop we ended with high strain on server even sometimes the server have gone off). but remember its still around 1-2% drop chance so its 1-2 for 100 map.
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Fixed a bug where if u would link your items in a thread, while still having them at exact price (not negotiable, but i think doesnt matter what u have them on) it will take ur items of the trade site as priced, putting them last down the list, with the price as a note, but if u check you still have the price set on them, no note.
You ur items don't show on trade site and u have no ideea ;)

Fixed a bug where ur items would dissapear from chat after linked, even thought u didnt even look at or think of them, not saying moving them to another tab.

WoW at last some real NEEDED fixes. THANK YOU.
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Thanks for the work you guys keep putting out there! Keep it up!
can you maybe fix the bug where i have killed igna pheonix 8 times and still don't count for the challenge really annoying and discouraging to do 40/40 challenge anymore
Need Exilecon updates!
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Thank you for your continued work on this excellent game. My son and I have been playing for about a month and we are loving it!
I can tell why this is worth of a patch.

But was it worthy of a news post?

You don't have to make a news post for every minor patch.

I'm far more interested in hearing when you're banning the people who abused the pay to win glitch to make bank.

If you're not banning them, at least admit it, [Removed by Support].
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