Patch Notes 3.8.2b

Why we can not reach following challenges done! ???

Defeat Rogue Exiles 31/32
--Aurelio Voidsinger

Defeat Blight Rare Monsters 76/77
--Blighted Fire-eater

any explanations?
Almost 24/7 online, love the game, wanna try new builds and help new players out.
How about "Fixed blight monsters disappearing from map when players are more than 10 meters away from them"
It's not fun at all to fail in blighted maps because the red dots keep disappearing whenever we move away from the pump.
What kind of "mechanic" is that?
*roll eyes emoji* Haven't played since the second blight patch which destroyed fps and playability, and this patch is just another step in not bringing me back. Waiting for this 4.0 announcement.
Antigegner wrote:
dachoppa wrote:

Antigegner wrote:
can u pls fix the tower buttons that can't be clicked on sometimes?

there is something wrong with clicking on things in general. not sure if it is a remainder of the bug introduced in legion that apparently was fixed. portals, chests, drops, gem level up button, etc... very often clicks just don't register. most of the time it's just annoying, but if you're in an abyssal city with rippy mods and just want to click the map and currency chests quickly before the stealthy mobs surprise anal probe you, it becomes really frustrating.

yeah, I had that feeling too. Especially in delve....

I thought it was only me being stupid. I have the feeling since Harbinger, also the RMB seems off. It's especially annoying when you try to sell the chaos recipe and you get only the transmute shards because one item didn't register the click. My mouse is not broken, it works perfectly fine in any other game/software.

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