Path of Exile's Six-Year Release Anniversary

can't wait for path of exile mobile :D
Thx You GGG Same Time My Wife Left Me!!!!! Congrat's to all
Nice history... and you didn't even mention Tencent.
excited for 4.0
to this day

a poor soul didn't know an mirror of kalandra dropped from a barrel
Look forward to many more years.
i joined during abyss .... and lost my social life
Wow, Six Years.
~ Do not expect to be taken seriously if you hide behind a private profile or an alt account.
~ A major part of 鬼殺し leaving was something 鬼殺し said about Kopogero that, whilst truthful, scored 鬼殺し a 2 month probation. So please, stop with the fucking conspiracy theories. 鬼殺し is gone.
I gotta say besides all the "constructive" feedback your company gets from all directions, that I personally can appreciate the fact that GGG has been by far the most transparant in its efforts to address the games' development issues. Maybe not as fast as I or anyone else would like, but at least at some point, all the issues at least get some kind of attention to them. This is something Blizzard never really gave a good, honest, and CONSISTENT effort at, which is why that company continues to have its problems today outside of fixing bugs, glitches, etc.

Aside from the times when I feel a bit frustrated with this game, I at least feel as though, at some point during the course of any given league, that most of the deterring issues of the game in its current state, will be addressed and more often than not, resolved. Yes there are many challenges to fixing ALL the issues, however, your efforts to expand the game while having a semblence of inclusion for even a poor folk like me with potato pc laptop on wifi, to continue to enjoy the game that I kinda fell in love with after the nightmare of the the Blizzcon Diablo:Immortal debacle, in which I was really hyped up for at least a hint of Diablo 4, but instead got crushed by a mobile phone expansion lmfao.

Thanks to all GGG employees for all your hard work. You've earned my respect as one of the great gaming companies because you do make efforts with communication to all of us players on a regular basis. I generally feel that even though my feedback may seem to be a bit raging at times about a certain issue, that it is not out of disrespect that I feel so passionate about it, nor directed at any one entity of the company in particular. It is because of my passion and trust, that I know at least my one little voice will be heard or at least translate through others shared ideals, that we all feel like we are on the same boat, sailing the same rough tides, to become the best exiles we can be. Thanks again GGG and may your future endeavors bring you much fruition and success, and always remember, we all sail to the shore on this same boat. Lets make sure we all can contribute in some small way to keep it moving forward! :)

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